Last Updated: April 4, 2005
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Confused by this comic? Read the explanation... you'll probably be further confused.


Comic brought to you by Luigi of the Pipes while I deal with Artist's Block.

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April 4, 2005-
I am currently dealing with Artist's Block... I really am having a hard time drawing this comic... deal with me... I'll try to get it done by Saturday...

Sorry for the delay. Enjoy Luigi's latest comic while you wait ^_^

March 19, 2005-
This is 4:30 AM as I write this. Sorry this comic came up a bit late.

March 12, 2005-
I'm checking to see if Keenspace will wait for the comic to update the main page or not. So if you see this before Saturday, then ignore this until such time. . . well you don't have to. That's all this post is about really. If you see this before Saturday, rest assured that a comic will be up on the 12th unless Keenspace messes something up (which it does on occasion).

March 5, 2005-
I'm sorry that this opening comic is mostly recap, but I felt that we all needed it. Maybe it'll clear up a few things as well that may have been unclear in the comic.The next comic will be up next Saturday. I hope to see you all then! (which I won't since this is the internet... can't exactly "see" you) I think that I will eventually update the character page when I get some good color shots of each character in this new comic format.

March 1, 2005-
Well, Party Goers is coming back. There should be a one shot comic I did back in January either up now, or up shortly listed as a Random Sunday. Hopefully there will be a new comic up on March 5th. I am going to be employing a different format than the comic has been in so far. I'm going to have a more free page-format and I will try to have most of them colored. Hopefully this will let me tell more story in one comic, and I won't feel so pressured into giving out a joke every three panels. But I will be experimenting with this for the most part, so updates for a while will be down to once a week. See you Saturday

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