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Made with invaluable contributions by Luigi of the Pipes

The Party Goers

One of the founding members of the Party Goers, Golem is compelled by a constant need for parties that never seem to ever work out. But nevertheless, Golem is always ready to give it another try.
Rhyk, or more correctly: R*H*Y*K* is a robotic copy of Golem. Currently version 2.0, Rhyk is not as enthusiastic about parties as Golem is.
Sapphire Blue is the only female who has maintained her position as a Party Goer. In the past she has owned such things as a flying sub, which come in handy when Team Rocket Omega try to take her Pikachu.
Sapphire's faithful Pokémon, and also a big reason why Team Rocket Omega are interested in pestering the Party Goers. Like all Pokémon, Pikachu can only say its name.
Samuel C. Flutter is one of the few Party Goers who isn't human, but is rather a Koopa Troopa. His eccentric attitude causes others to belive that he's a bit... unstable.
Luigi of the Pipes
Luigi claims himself to be a Jedi and desires for the carefree life of a Goomba. He's fairly intolerant of others and would prefer to live his life away from society with his Goomba 'brethren.'
Splog is the older of the two Goomboy brothers, denoted by his thick black eyebrows and shoes. He can translate any language, including his brother's gibberish.
Slort is the younger of the two Goomboy brothers, denoted by his thin white eyebrows and lack of intelligible speech. He's known Luigi since they were very young.
Ditto McCloaker is a mysterious fellow who hides himself with shadows and owns his own castle, the Ditto Domain. With the help of Guisseppie, he can transform into any Nintendo character.

-Ditto's Other Forms

  Mr. Game & Watch
It's not the real Mr. Game & Watch, but rather Ditto in disguise. In this form, he can only talk in odd beeping sounds and move at a rate of one frame per second.
A flying question mark block (as seen in Super Mario World) and Ditto's trusted servant, Guisseppie holds a bevy of items inside and is willing to take a hit if Ditto needs one.
Yoshiman is a short-wearing, straight-postured Yoshi with a split personality disorder. What's odd about his disorder, though, is that each personality has it's own physical form...

-Yoshiman's Other Personalities

  Mr. Predict
Mr. Predict is one of Yoshiman's personalities, specifically the sensible and worrisome part. As his name implies, he's a psychic, able to predict the future.
Fuzzball is one of Yoshiman's personalities, and represents everything that Mr. Predict doesn't. He's carefree, careless, and verges on insanity.
  Wrange Tirk
One of Yoshiman's oddest personalities, Tirk represents an 11th Century Anglo-Saxon and behaves as one would expect them to: singing carols and chasing wenches.

Team Rocket Omega

The infamous leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni is a pain to the Party Goers due to his desire for Saph's Pikachu. He usually sends the duo of Team Rocket Omega to ruin the Party Goers' plans.
MagiKoopa is a member of the Team Rocket branch known as Team Rocket Omega, along with Bomberman. He's usually the one sent by Giovanni to disrupt the Party Goers, despite his lackadaisical attitude.
A dark version of the Bomberman we know and love, Bomberman is a member of Team Rocket Omega, along with MagiKoopa. He's more enthusiastic than his partner in crime.
Mecha Sonic
The third member of Team Rocket Omega, Mecha Sonic is as strict and logical as any robot can get. Mecha Sonic is the factor that decides whether their schemes succeed or not.

Other Villains

Another of the Party Goer villains, Masamune has also been a help on a couple of occasions. He is a manifestation of the Masamune Sword, and can turn into the blade or separate into two people as he pleases.
Masamune's meddlesome henchman, Dodo is the first to question all of his plans, though in the end Masamune always convinces him to see the situation otherwise.
One of the many villains to the Party Goers' cause, Vorpal is the current wielder the Vorpal Sword (hence the name Vorpal). Vorpal is the roommate of Yoshiman and his many personalities. Why he rooms with a Party Goer even though he despises them is one of life's greatest mysteries


The Narrator is the omnipotent being that tells the story of the Party Goers.
Scene Setting Guy
Scene Setting Guy is Ditto McCloaker's personalized narrator of Shakespearean descent.

Other Characters

Moondo is a guy who can pull anything out of his hat (not literally), and often uses his talents to help the Party Goers run a successful party for a change.
Arab Dude
A short guy of Middle Eastern descent, Arab Dude runs his own party supplies store. Arab Dude often gets killed as situations arise, but always comes back. He and Vorpal are rivals.
Future Wrange Tirk
Yoshiman's Anglo-Saxon personality from a distant, apocalyptic future, Wrange Tirk has been sent back in time to the present for purpose of assassinating Arnold Schwarzenegger to prevent him from becoming the governor of California, setting in motion the apocalypse.

Past Party Goers

Luigi 64
Luigi 64, or L64 is the co-founder of the Party Goers along with Golem. Unfortunately, his idea of a party involved chicks, booze, and gambling, so he left the 'wussy' Party Goers for more 'mature' gatherings, blowing up the story in the process. His present whereabouts are unknown; he's probably stealing candy from babies, or as we call them, Mario fans.
One of the earliest Party Goers, Zora popped in and out of the story, won a lot of money at a casino, and helped Sapphire silence the old "damsel in distress" role. She wasn't particularly fond of Luigi 64 (but then, who was?), and disappeared right after he blew up the story. Her present whereabouts are unknown.
Misty was a shy girl that had a secret crush on Vorpal. Some point early in Party Goer history she went missing. It's not known where she is now, or even if she's still alive.



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