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An Explanation of Party Goers

This comic is different form any other for a few reasons that you may recognize as the comic progresses in the future. It is an original story with original characters (despite some being named MagiKoopa and Sgt. Flutter, let me assure you, they are not from the video game) and was never intended to be a comic strip, ever.

Party Goers started out as an On-Going Story. On a message board, someone would start a story, and another person would continue, and another, and the authors participating would continue writing the story until it was finished. Much like RPing, but not so much focused on certain characters, but more concerned with telling a story. Party Goers was written like the script for a play or movie, with a character's name followed by what they said, along with a narrator named Narrator who would fill in action and story sequences. One interesting aspect of Party Goers were the characters that were used. The main characters were based off of the screen names we used in the message board. That's why characters like MagiKoopa and Sgt. Flutter find their way into Party Goers, because it was the screen name used by those various people.

The Party Goers stories went on for a few years, and they had several adventures. But it has become stagnate in the past few months. And being the nostalgic guy I am, I couldn't bare with Party Goers dying, so I started up this comic, to try and stir up interest in the PGers once again. Possibly explore the concept in angles it has not gone in, and try to be funny at the same time.

The comic Party Goers is based off of many more things than just the series of Party Goers stories we wrote. There were several other On-Going Stories that I use for material, including: Rocketsville, Mega Mega Extreme Doki Doki Panik, Harvest Goers, and Masamune's Holiday specials, as well as others. The characters are also not entirely based off of the characters in the stories alone, but the real people behind the characters may shine through occasionally (although you the reader may not notice, a few of the PGers may). Even though I use these as background material, the comic will follow an entirely original plot line devised by my head.

Oh, and if you're wondering where exactly I fit into the entire Party Goers thing. I was a writer. I joined in Party Goers 10 (When they were known as the Fill in Interestin' Titlers, because they really didn't go on parties anymore) as the character Vorpal. You'll see him a few weeks into the comic.

There are several people not included in this comic, and I do not have the memory nor the capacity to try and list all of the missing, even if I wanted to. I may include you guys in later story arcs. We'll see.

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